Q: What directories Video center uses for video clips and settings?

By default Video clips are stored to /home/user/MyDocs/.videos folder. If External Memory card is selected, video clips are stored to /media/mmc1/videocenter/videos folder. Settings and databases are located in /home/user/videocenter folder.

Q: What are the options in Preferred memory setting?

Device memory means device's flash memory, and it is selected by default. Memory card means SD card in the external SD slot. Internal SD card slot is not supported.

Q: How memory management is implemented in Video center?

Video center threshold value is set to 15Mbyte. If amount of free memory goes below that, Video center automatically deletes the oldest video file (if protection flag is not set). If there are no files in Video Center's My Videos folder which can be deleted, and free memory is still below 15Mbyte, user can't download any new videos. Because device memory is used also for system temporary files, there is a risk that some other application fills the rest of free memory. For this reason, memory card option should be selected as a preferred memory.

Q: I have KMplayer installed, and none of the videos can be played. Why?

KMplayer registers some of the Mime Types which are registered to platform's media player by default. Video center launch player based on mime type passing uri as parameter. KMPlayer does not accept any parameters.

Q: How do I reset default Video center services?

You should use Video center services wizard to add / remove services. However, default services can be restored by closing Video center and executing following commands from X Terminal:

rm -fr /home/user/videocenter (Deletes all Video center databases from the device)
rm -fr /media/mmc1/videocenter (Deletes myvideos database and all video files which are downloaded by the Video center from SD card)

Q: Why do I get error message "File format not supported"?

By default Video center uses platform's Media Player to play video clips. Limitations of supported formats (codecs / containers / protocols) are coming from the Media Player. However, in some cases there is a difference between http streaming and local playback. This means that video can be played after it is downloaded. For some videos, only streaming is possible (e.g. Real Media rtsp streams and flash videos). This is indicated by showing only play button.

Q: I found a bug from Video center application. What should I do?

We really appreciate if you file new bug to video center bugzilla. By doing this we can analyze and fix problems you have and make Video center even better application.