RSS 2.0

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) is a widely used Internet specification for describing Internet content for automated reader applications. The format is commonly used for new services. RSS is also increasingly being used to describe video services available on the Internet.

The Video center application supports RSS for video service metadata description. Metadata defines additional information about the content to help selecting the video that is interesting to the user. Some elements from Yahoo Media RSS is also supported.

Detailed description of supported RSS elements and an example can be found here.

Official RSS 2.0 specification can be found here.


XMLTV format describes TV program guide in XML format. Video center uses XMLTV for Remote EPG and InternetTV type of services. Example of XMLTV usage and supported elements can be found here.

Official XMLTV specification can be found here.

SPF (Service Provider File)

Service Provider File is simple XML format which includes description of new service(s) to be added. Services described in SPF can be added from N800 filemanager or directly from web pages. Example and detailed description can be found here.